Sweet 16! Style Evolution Celebrates 16 Years

March 25, 2020
Posted in Business
March 25, 2020 styleevolutionmedia

We here at Style Evolution Media are thrilled to have had the successes that we’ve had and to continue on this journey that started years ago.

Founder of Style Evolution Jerry Wong recounts the early days of his business: “After college in Toronto I was bouncing around from temp job to temp job. Work was scarce for recent graduates with no experience and the highly competitive job market in Toronto made it even tougher. It was a turbulent time for myself as it is for most young adults made even more difficult when you can’t break into the industry you studied for. As time went on and the frustration mounted, two things became apparent to me: 1) I was going to keep at breaking into the media industry no matter the cost and 2) I did not want to do temporary jobs for the rest of my life!”

“Eventually I caught a break and landed a job at a printing shop downtown. Finally I was able to put my skills to use and start my career! Even though it wasn’t a full design job I still got to do design work and showcase my skills. In time my skills as a graphic and web design started to circulate throughout the office building and caught the eye of Roger Pierce who was working at BizLaunch at the time, an entrepreneurship school. He convinced me to follow my dreams and to me that meant to start my own media company.”

“Though I didn’t have the money for the course I managed to cut a deal with the school by offering print and design services (big thanks to my boss at the time!) in exchange for admittance into the entrepreneurship course. The rest is history, after completing the BizLaunch course I soon quit my job at the print job and created Style Evolution in March 2004. It’s always a fond memory that I made a business deal as a way of getting into the business course and kick-starting my business company. As for my boss at the time, he was sorry to see me leave but as a business owner himself he fully understood the path that I was on.”

We’d like to thank every one of our clients and partners along the way and look forward to many more years of helping people build their dreams just as we have.

-Jerry Wong
Style Evolution Media


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